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TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. is a global bacteria decontamination and infectious disease control company, providing environmental solutions for indoor surface decontamination through the manufacturing, sales, servicing and licensing of its SteraMist brand products.

TOMI's primary industries include: Hospital-HealthCare, Life Sciences, TOMI Service Network, and Food Safety. TOMI is in the position to address all of your disinfection/decontamination needs with its registered innovative technology - SteraMist!

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In June 2015, the EPA granted TOMI the first ever solution and technology combination registration for its 7.8%  sole active ingredient hydrogen peroxide solution.

SteraMist Products


SteraMist Surface Unit

Fully portable, hand-held, point and spray disinfection / decontamination unit.

Surface Select open

SteraMist Select Surface Unit

Offering expanded versatility in use, this specialized Surface Unit, designed for small spaces and enclosures, is a disinfection / decontamination system with adjustable timer, air and fluid control.


SteraMist Environment System

Transportable complete room fogging disinfection / decontamination system.

Custom Build-In 300x200

SteraMist Complete Room

Permanent complete room build-in fogging disinfection / decontamination system.

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TOMI™ Corporate Headquarters

9454 Wilshire Boulevard,
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

T: 800.525.1698 / 310.275.2255

E: [email protected]

TOMI™ U.S. Corporate Headquarters

8430 Spires Way
Suite N
Frederick, MD 21701

T: 800.525.1698

E: [email protected]