SteraMist iHP Service Proposal/Site Evaluation

Schedule a site walk-through and receive a quote for decontamination. A TOMI representative will come to any facility and complete a full evaluation while explaining the versatility of SteraMist and how an iHP service decontamination can meet and fulfill the decontamination requirements of the facility.

Protocol Development

Initiate the process of developing a new disinfection/decontamination clean/protocol or enhance existing clean/protocols to maximize efficiency. A TOMI technician will assist in the development of an effective, efficient, and cost saving clean/protocol for the disinfection/decontamination needs of a facility in any industry. Emergency requests are certainly welcome and easily satisfied, as TOMI technicians and equipment are rapidly deployable.

Facility Training & Treatment

To receive additional SteraMist iHP service training on currently owned equipment or to schedule a demonstration for service or treatment, contact your TOMI representative. The key and ease to the SteraMist iHP equipment is in the cleaning process protocol and application.

Validation Reporting

Require disinfection/decontamination validation? TOMI has many methods which can validate the use of SteraMist. Click here to see all validation methods TOMI has to offer to ensure an efficant kill.