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SteraMist: Outclassing the Competition

After the arrival of Covid-19, global awareness regarding disinfection necessities increased dramatically.  Furthermore, demand for disinfection and decontamination products also increased dramatically.  Unfortunately, it is often difficult for individuals to distinguish good disinfection products from poor ones, leading to confusion and frustration.  SteraMist hopes to remove all doubt and confusion regarding disinfection products and demonstrate how it outclasses its competitors.

SteraMist is non-hazardous and does not create harmful health effects to personnel.

EPA Registered

SteraMist BIT Solution consists of a low 7.8% hydrogen peroxide sole active ingredient which is non-hazardous to ship and store.  There are no toxic chemicals that are highly corrosive and hazardous present in SteraMist, allowing for rapid aeration after use, and increasing storage length.  No mix and ready to use solution, there is no intensive preparation required.  BIT Solution being non-hazardous, it protects both the environment it is used in, as well as the applicant.

SteraMist offers an industry-leading 6-log kill against varying pathogens.

6 log disinfection

SteraMist can achieve a 6-log kill against some of the toughest microbials to disinfect.  Whether the need is to disinfect pathogens and bacteria, inactivate viruses, assist in limiting cross-contamination, or add to the remediation process for mold and mildew, SteraMist is a universal solution.  SteraMist is currently EPA registered and third-party tested demonstrating its ability to be effective against a variety of potential hazards.  Although some disinfection methods like UV and conventional cleaning methods can achieve a 3-4 log kill, SteraMist goes the extra mile and creates a reduction that is multiple times stronger, effective against a wide range of potential hazards, and easier to implement.

SteraMist offers an advantageous micron size allowing coverage to all areas.

Disinfection Coverage

Currently, SteraMist competitors are stuck using equipment that produces a micron size ranging up to 100 or higher.  SteraMist can achieve a micron size as small as 0.03 which allows it to disinfect incredibly hard-to-reach spaces and areas, ensuring a higher efficacy against pathogens, while also eliminating the need to remove various equipment from a space.  Therefore, if you are looking for effective, easy-to-use disinfection that can decontaminate all the extremely small spaces located throughout a room, choose SteraMist.

SteraMist boasts prominent material compatibility, stemming from its non-corrosive nature.

disinfection noncorrosive

SteraMist can fully disinfect a room without the need to remove sensitive electronics, other devices, and furniture.   Although some competitors like electrostatic sprayers and chlorine dioxide are not compatible with electronics, SteraMist is compatible with electronics which eliminates the need to remove sensitive equipment from an area designated for disinfection.  Enhanced material compatibility increases SteraMist’s ease-of-use, while also providing peace of mind that all materials in the room will not suffer negative effects from SteraMist.

SteraMist delivers disinfection in an efficient manner.

SteraMist rapidly kills bacteria spores, mold spores, and inactivates viruses while not requiring wet contact time.  SteraMist’s current contact time is defined as “a minimum contact time of 7 minutes for the surface to dry” which is the time needed to remove the equipment from a room.

As demonstrated, SteraMist offers several advantages over its competition.  Whether it be speed, increased efficacy, material compatibility, or advantageous micron size, SteraMist’s innovative technology allows it to be superior in all areas of disinfection.

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