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Micron Size Matters

With the emergence of the global pandemic and a rise in public awareness of how dangerous and disruptive some pathogens can be, it is important to have innovative technology and equipment capable of providing protected environments, and peace of mind.  TOMI SteraMist is an industry leader in disinfection innovation as it continues to find new ways to increase its effectiveness against varying pathogens, while also remaining cost-effective.  One feature that separates SteraMist from the competition is its micron-size particles that are produced from ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP™) technology.  Although some companies, like Clorox and Victory, use electrostatic sprayers with a micron size particle of approximately 40 or larger, SteraMist’s cold plasma arc technology creates a sub-micron particle size (0.03-3) to ensure greater effectiveness against pathogens.

Why does micron size matter?

Why does it matter? Micron size is extremely important for disinfection and decontamination sprayers as a smaller micron size allows products to treat the most difficult-to-reach spaces of rooms and equipment, ensuring greater overall effectiveness.  Using a disinfectant with large micron particles risks the possibility of not reaching the smallest of spaces and oversaturating surfaces requiring wiping and spreading to ensure efficacy which can leave lasting damage.

Micron Size

Choosing the right disinfectant with all the advantages

Although micron size is a distinct advantage SteraMist technology offers over the competition, it is not the only one.  SteraMist’s ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP™) continues to lead the industry in innovation and sets the standard for disinfection.  Capable of delivering an efficient, reliable, and powerful way to ensure all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected and decontaminated, SteraMist products require no “wet” contact time, wiping, or rinsing, allowing for extreme ease-of-use.  Furthermore, SteraMist products do not leave any harmful byproducts behind and do not damage equipment or electronics, eliminating the need to remove items from a contaminated area.

Because of all SteraMist’s advantages, including small micron-sized particles, overall effectiveness against a variety of pathogens and hazards, EPA-registered technology and solution, no “wet” contact time, and widespread coverage, it is considered a top candidate for any company or organization that is looking to purchase game-changing disinfection.  If you are looking to keep your customers and employees protected from an ever-changing biological landscape, add SteraMist disinfection to your cleaning protocols today!

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