TOMI has registrations in the United States and internationally. Currently TOMI has secured or has an application pending for approximately thirty-five (35) trademark registrations and over forty (40) design and utility patents globally. TOMI sustains its competitive nature throughout the world by maintaining its intellectual property while seeking and securing IP, domestically and globally.

TOMI is the sole source provider in the United States, but is proud to have distributors around the world.  TOMI partners internationally with other companies who may provide a SteraMist iHP Decontamination Service, sell the SteraMist branded product line, or provide a maintenance qualification service for international customers. Partners range from countries in Asia, to South America, to Europe. Please Contact Us Today to Find Your Closest TOMI Partner.

In January 2017, TOMI submitted its BRP dossier with the UK as the reviewing entity.  While under review, TOMI is proud to state it is in compliance with chemical requirements for many European Union (EU) states. Further, TOMI plans on completing registrations for the many other member states in the EU.  SteraMist BIT is currently used in multiple well-known European and Asian pharmaceutical companies for their daily decontamination. Additionally, TOMI has many trials around the world in Hospital-HealthCare use sites and its life science verticals.

In February 2015, SteraMist Mobile Decontamination Chambers was one of fifteen (15) proposals selected out of over 1,500 by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in the global fight to eradicate Ebola and strengthen local healthcare systems. TOMI was awarded in the category “Improving the Safety of Health Care Workers.” State-of-the-art and easy-to-assemble, SteraMist decontamination chambers can decontaminate healthcare workers and equipment in less than 8 minutes without the use of hazardous chemicals. Learn more here.

Infectious disease outbreaks can happen at a moment’s notice in all parts of the world. The opportunity for these outbreaks to spread rapidly around the globe remains a constant threat. In addition to naturally occurring outbreaks, chemical threats are also a possibility and TOMI is first in building preventative protocols. TOMI and international partners, along with the rapidly deployable line of SteraMist products, are now equipped to fight the most menacing of threats.

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