Hospitals and all healthcare facilities across the world are continuously searching for better ways to limit the spread of infections and improve their disinfection terminal cleans. Patients and healthcare workers can encounter a variety of infectious diseases that are easily spread throughout the facility from all surfaces including those hard to clean contaminated equipment and high touch surfaces.

SteraMist Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) allows a facility to have a Hospital-Healthcare EPA registered tool and solution to replace outdated manual cleaning technology, upgrade existing protocols, and limit liability in a facility when it comes to resistant infectious pathogens. SteraMist Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) is the first EPA registered solution and system combination on the market, on EPA List G (Norovirus), H (MRSA), K (C. difficile), L (Ebola), M (Avian Flu), N (SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus). 


Trusted Technology “We continue to use SteraMist disinfection monthly for terminal clean rooms, having recently used it exclusively in our day rooms during periods when a mild virus affecting residents was experienced. SteraMist contained the spread and our routine 14 day-checks shows that the unit continues to work well! Everything is going great!”

Governor Bacon Tilton Building
Ease-of-Use The E-Z SteraMist Cart has been very easy to use on every surface and the technology kills a wide variety of pathogens. We use SteraMist disinfection in our ER isolation rooms and for COVID-19 patient rooms.”

St. Luke’s Medical Center
Ease-of-Use “SteraMist machines are so portable and easy-to-use. Statewide training has been implemented throughout the state of Kansas and request protocols implemented within the Kansas healthcare coalitions. You all have been a great company to work with!”

Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Ease-of-Use “SteraMist is safe for all surfaces, including computers and soft furnishings, as well as for cleaning HVAC and duct systems... There’s no exposure risk to patients or healthcare workers once the cleaning is finished.”

St. Mary’s Medical Center
Ease-of-Use Because [SteraMist] only requires seconds to kill bacteria... we can place a room back into service faster, knowing it’s safe for the next patient.”

Bayhealth EVS Team

Ease-of-Use “We used the SteraMist Surface Unit to integrate the technology into our current cleaning protocols for two of our procedure rooms. The technology was incredibly easy to use and the post-application paddle results were outstanding!”

Madera Ambulatory Endoscopy Center


The TOMI healthcare division provides the science, results, and peace of mind that patients, staff, and visitors are in an environment where state-of-the-art technology is employed to reduce hospital pathogens - from the most common to the highly resistant.

SteraMist technology is a valuable asset for any facility. As a partner, TOMI reviews hospital disinfection needs and recommends customized protocols, conducts staff training and competencies through a certified support and training package. The cost-effectiveness of SteraMist helps facilities with budgets of all sizes, providing a facility with a tool which some call a “germ-killing machine.”