No matter what you do, viral pathogens remain a threat to everyday operations. Facility operations can come to a standstill if employees are at risk and commercial transportation schedules can be interrupted if products come in contact with unknown microorganisms. TOMI's Commercial Division is proud to bring powerful and trusted SteraMist disinfection and decontamination to a wide array of industries with compatibility in endless use sites, from large-scale land, sea, and air transportation to retail facilities.



Police and Fire Stations, Transport Vehicles and Prisons
Daycares, Grade Schools & Universities
Apartments & Hotels
Equipment, Venues & Large Halls (Entertainment)
All Branches of the Military

Personal & Commercial Automobiles
Recreational, Commercial & Sporting Boats
Aircraft & Cargo Containers
Public Transportation
Commercial Offices & Retail Stores


William Rigby “The most important consideration we have is the safety of our citizens and our employees, especially our police officers and firefighters who have been on the front line of this pandemic alongside the amazing paramedics and EMT’s at Crozer EMS... After looking into all the various options, we determined that for the City of Chester, the SteraMist Surface Unit is the best of the best."

William Rigby IV, Chester Fire Commissioner
Thomas R. Ward The Vigilant Hose Company has been absolutely thrilled with SteraMist technology since we’ve purchased it. The simplicity of its deployment and ease of use make it an incredible investment in our commitment to proudly protecting the citizens of Emmitsburg and our surrounding communities.”

Thomas R. Ward, Vigilant Hose Company
Phil Lambert “SteraMist not only decontaminates the room itself, but decontaminates the materials & devices that employees are coming in contact with. Our staff has been intensively cleaning; SteraMist takes that to another level.

Phil Lambert
Director of Emergency Communications
Frederick County 911 Emergency Communications Center
Steve Listerman “In implementing the SteraMist system, my goal is to keep employees healthy and support emergency services. SteraMist is paramount in maintaining operations in the wake of COVID-19 because it can be used to decontaminate key equipment such as radios, cardiac monitors, and delicate electronic control panels. The SteraMist Surface Unit provides quick disinfection effectively within minutes for fast turnaround of our emergency vehicle fleet.”

Steve Listerman
Fire Chief,
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport Fire Department
Rob Elliot “The ambulance fleet is treated on a regular interval schedule with SteraMist in conjunction with the regular decon of physical cleaning as per TOMI recommendation. Bensalem has the cleanest ambulance fleet with SteraMist disinfection and the fleet is operationally ready on all levels. Bensalem has legacy and new ambulances in the fleet - older ones are just like brand new in their cleanliness level.”

Rob Elliot
Battalion Fire Chief, Bensalem Emergency Medical Services
Disinfection and Decontamination

SteraMist is registered with the EPA as a hospital-healthcare and broad spectrum disinfectant, featuring powerful efficacy against several dangerous pathogens. Fast application and contact time ensure that you are able to quickly get back to delivering an incredible customer experience, and a wide variety of commercially available SteraMist products can help you meet your disinfection & decontamination goals.

Emergency Services

Whether you deal with transportation or oversee a business, risk management is essential to keeping you operational. With SteraMist, you have an advanced disinfection solution on hand to expect the unexpected. In the event of an emergency outbreak, TOMI iHP Corporate Service is available to assist with disinfection at any time.

Mold & Mildew

Everything from natural disasters to poor air flow can bring mold and mildew to furniture and structures within the reach of moisture. With efficacy against over 40 types of molds and mold spores, SteraMist disinfection provides you with a critical step in the remediation process to help you get back to business faster.

Odor Control

Your business depends on pleasant customer experiences, and those experiences can be hindered by foul, unwanted odors. SteraMist technology is able to kill odor-causing bacteria, such as those from lingering cigarette odors, residual soot and fire, and body odors in the gym.


SteraMist Surface Unit
SteraMist Environment System
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