Coronavirus Delta

What are the Delta variant and Delta Plus?

Coronavirus still lingers throughout the world mutating into many variants. One such mutation is perhaps the most threatening: the Delta variant. Delta currently makes up 99% of coronavirus cases in the United States, which is spreading faster than other variants. The variant continues to mutate in unexpected ways, the Delta ‘Plus’ is the newest known mutation.

The UK has currently estimated 6% of current coronavirus cases as resulting from the Delta Plus variant. However, unlike the Delta variant, the Plus is not yet considered a “variant of concern” – the highest category given to variants according to their corresponding risk level. The Plus is currently being tracked and assessed as the mutation is closely mirroring the Delta variant’s original trajectory.

Delta Plus, designated as AY.4.2, includes new mutations affecting the spike protein, which the virus utilizes to penetrate human cells. Other mutations - such as Y145H and A222V - have been found in various other coronavirus lineages spanning as far back as the origination of the pandemic.

Infection Control Is Essential

Infection control remains at the forefront of this pandemic as the world continues to fight coronavirus. Many ongoing measures are being taken to slow the spread of the virus, including masks, vaccinations, travel restrictions, and more stringent hand hygiene protocols. Additional cleaning protocols are in place for businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, transportation, etc. As a result, enhanced disinfection is added to current cleaning protocols to ensure secure facilities for all personnel and visitors.

SteraMist Disinfection Is The Solution

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