Broad Spectrum -High Level- Surface Disinfection Services

Benefits of TSN
  • A network of selected primary service providers that can service multiple locations nationwide;
  • Experienced technicians that can navigate multiple service needs;
  • Access to the most innovative disinfection/decontamination technology on the market;
  • Knowledge of OSHA standards and ICRA and industry guidelines for disinfection in healthcare; and
  • Guidance in disinfection protocol development and best practices.
Service, Support, & Solutions

The TOMI™ Service Network (TSN) rapid response technicians provide innovative solutions for complete room disinfection in a wide variety of residential and commercial settings. Using Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP®) SteraMist™ powered by Binary Ionization Technology® (BIT™), TSN providers offer an unparalleled solution for those seeking a better solution for their disinfection-decontamination needs.

Which May:

Make Your Facility the Trusted Choice in the Community by Increasing Client & Staff Confidence in keeping them well.

Reduce Risk

Decrease Facility Liability

The SteraMist™ Advantage

Integrating TSN disinfection services into your current cleaning and disinfection protocols offers an opportunity to promote the extra steps your establishment has taken for service and cleanliness. Utilizing TSN to deploy the iHP® based SteraMist™ BIT™ may be what is needed to make your facility the trusted choice for clients and staff. Learn more about TSNs SteraMist™ Advantage Program and start promoting your establishments’ innovative disinfection service today.

Find your TSN Service Provider by Region

Disaster Response Service Inc | Northern Virginia  (Sterling, VA)

Flood Department | Central Maryland (Mt. Airy, MD) 

G.S. Jones | Pittsburgh, PA

Kidd’s Services | Lynchburg, VA

Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration | Wheeling, WV

All American Cleaning & Restoration | Idaho Falls, ID

American Craftsman | Los Angeles (Valencia), CA

ASR Property Restoration | Oxnard, CA

BALES RESTORATION | Seattle (Lynnwood), WA

Cleanrite – Buildrite | Chico, CA

France and Co. | Wenatchee, WA

Harmony Environmental Services, Inc. | San Diego (Ramona), CA

Ideal Restoration | San Francisco, CA

PRC Restoration & Construction | Los Angeles (Signal Hill), CA

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