Case Study: Change “What Should Be” to “What Is” In  Cleaning and Disinfection In The Healthcare Arena

An Infection Preventionist’s Review of SteraMist™ BIT™ for Daily Disinfection & Emergency Preparedness

In a  case-study featuring a small acute care inner-city hospital, Infection Preventionist (IP) and medical regulatory consultant, Dr. Helene Paxton, talks about an IP that is faced with high Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) rates and a myriad of products that were performing below expectation. In addition to this the hospital was tasked with developing an Ebola protocol to safely transport and care for potential patients.

Dr. Paxton explains the key to their success for environmental cleaning and disinfection, and emergency preparedness was knowledge, consistency, and evaluation of end results.
Read more about this case and the fundamental principles for emergency preparedness and daily disinfection processes that are appropriate for all hospital-healthcare departments.



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