Alieving the fear of the unknown: The Importance of an EPA Registration in combating infectious diseases

Alieving the fear of the unknown: The Importance of an EPA Registration in combating infectious diseases

Swimming in the ocean is often a huge fear. “Bathophobia” is the technical name.

It’s not necessarily about actually swimming, it’s more about what lies beneath. “The unknown”. Lately, hospital acquired infections have been grabbing headlines, the memory of Ebola outbreaks are still fresh, and other potential threats always seem to be on the horizon. Now more than ever, trust is needed in the disinfection space.

Which is why an EPA registration is so important to consider while you look to invest in a system and/or solution for your disinfection needs. Here’s why:

An EPA registration creates truth in advertising: When a solution or system is EPA registered, the EPA also clearly outlines approved marketing terms, disclosures, and disclaimers. This allows the consumer a certain level of protection and peace of mind in knowing claims are backed by high efficacy standards.

An EPA registration clearly outlines use: There’s a multitude of ways to use a product but only one or two ways a disinfectant technology is at max efficacy. An EPA label clearly outlines proper usage and allows the consumer to put apples to apples when it comes to dwell and contact times, application per area, safety, and general application. All of which can help you make an informed and accurate decision to meet your needs.

An EPA registration is a process: Why does this matter? It matters because a process allows for further testing, more eyes, and more accountability. Taking these hurdles is no easy task, which is why companies who hold EPA registrations, also hold an important trust and validation.

That process is why TOMI is proud to have an EPA registration.  A process that we are excited to announce we have begun again, in order to amend our EPA registration 90150-2. If approved this amendment will see Salmonella and Norovirus added to our label.  Two pathogens which impact the wellness of so many.

This exciting development will allow us here at TOMI and our TOMI Service Network to better serve our communities and clients with upfront and proven efficacy.

While maybe just a piece of paper, truly an EPA registration can alleviate a lot of the fear of a disinfection/ decontamination /remediation solution or system.

If you think TOMI’s SteraMist product may be right for you,  reach out now for more information.

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