When Odor Creates Hostile Hospitality

When Odor Creates Hostile Hospitality

How a hotel smells, is something of a science. One-part home, one part luxury, and no parts offensive. While “smell” is subjective, how a room smells is a permanent resident on the “top complaints” yearly lists for hotels. Foreign smells can lead to some pretty big issues.

In this yelp age fragrence is a top reason for less stars. Knowing this has led hotels big and small to science. The result? Manufactured scents that literally exude luxury. Many guests are actually having more adverse reactions. In an article published on USA Today’s website, guests even reported respiratory issues like asthma attacks, headaches and other various symptoms tied to odors in the rooms. (Read More about issues with signature scents: HERE )

Which means many hotels are covering up odors, by creating new ones.  Economical? Maybe, but with so many issues, maybe not. So what else is out there?
There’s odorless deodorants, industry known ozone, and then you have the emerging benefits of SteraMist™ BIT™.

Registered with the EPA as a Hospital-Healthcare disinfectant, some may be confused as to why it is so effective in the deodorization space. One word, microbes. Microbes give smells their legs. If you take out the microbes, you can take out the smell. Which is why the hospitality industry has been chasing the wrong science. Instead of covering up or manufacturing the smell of clean, why not an economical, labor and time-saving treatment?

From some of the largest hotel brands to the most intimate B&B’s TOMI Service Network Providers across the country are giving hospitality a passing grade in the proverbial smell test. (Find a provider in your area here)

Recently TSN Provider Ideal Restoration in San Francisco, worked with two of the most well-respected luxury hotels in the Bay Area. Their mission; eliminate smells quickly and on a deadline during the height of tourist season. Read more about this job, the circumstances, and the technology which allowed them to accomplish their task in the case study “Smoke on the Bay”.

Download this case study now by clicking below:

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.12.58 AM

If you find your facility is in need of a different kind of smell, the smell of clean, schedule your deodorization today!

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