TOMI Conferences and Events: January and February 2016

TOMI Conferences and Events: January and February 2016

There is much to look forward to in the world of infectious disease control, disinfection, public safety, biosafety and related industries in 2016. The calendar is full of events and conferences that each deal with an important facet that aligns with these topics and we will have a strong presence throughout the year, attending over 15 tradeshows! In this series, we’ll take a look at the notable conferences of 2016 on a month-by-month basis, starting with January and February. TOMI will be represented at each one, along with a wide variety of influential industry partners.

CDC International Biosafety Symposium: January 30 – February 3, Atlanta, GA
This year marks the 14th-annual conference from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, titled “Biosafety: Planning for the Future by Learning from the Past.” The CDC and U.S. National Institutes of Health together publish biosafety guidelines designed to protect workers from hazardous exposures in laboratories or other settings. Professionals in research, public or animal health, facility management, occupational health, and laboratory leadership stand to benefit from this event.

“SteraMist™ BIT™ is essential to inactivating dangerous pathogens studied in biosafety.”

SteraMist™ BIT™ has the potential to be a game-changer in this field by neutralizing harmful pathogens present in many lab conditions. By disinfecting the workspace SteraMist™ BIT™ kills harmful microorganisms* on contact, keeping workers from exposure.

Regional AALAS Meeting – Southeast Branch: January 27 – 29, Charleston, SC
The annual banquet and awards ceremony for the Southeastern American Association for Laboratory Animal Science will recognize leaders in the industry along with their outstanding efforts and accomplishments. But it’s also a great place for industry players to learn and network with other invested parties. The program features presentations from expert speakers and expositions from a number of vendors.

TOMI will count itself among those vendors, as its SteraMist™ BIT™ is uniquely suited to prepare lab spaces for work. The disinfection technology is fast-acting and capable of eliminating bacteria from every surface* of a lab without leaving any residual harmful side-effects.

Laboratory Safety Leadership Summit: February 3 – 5, Atlanta, GA
The American Society for Microbiology partnered with ABSA International, the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, the Association of Public Health Laboratories, the Elizabeth R. Griffin Research Foundation and CRDF Global to present this conference: “Leadership in the Face of Emerging Infectious Diseases.” Anyone involved in promoting, protecting and preparing safety in the lab is invited to participate.

TOMI is an appropriate attendee for this conference, as SteraMist™ BIT™ is poised to assist these leaders in establishing a fully disinfected lab space, reducing cross contamination.

TOMI can help organizations prepare labs and other spaces for safe work.
SteraMist™ will prepare labs and other spaces with a fully disinfected workspace.

American Society for Microbiology: Biodefense and Emerging Diseases Research Meeting: February 8 – 10, Arlington, VA
This upcoming conference concerns the growing threat of bioterrorism and will bring together those who can shape the future of defense against such a danger. In particular, infectious disease acts as both a tool for potential bioterrorists and as a case study to determine the effects of an outbreak and steps necessary to prevent or contain one. At the ASM event, all scientists, physicians, public health researchers and policymakers involved in any aspect of microbiology are welcome to attend.

Concerning methods preventing and containing outbreaks caused by malicious bio-attacks, SteraMist™ BIT™ can serve as an important tool. Deploying the system as a preventative measure will disinfect an area quickly and effectively. SteraMist™ BIT™ is also an effective emergency preparedness tool that is useful in the aftermath as a way to eradicate bacteria.

Insights Conference and Tradeshow: February 21 – 23, Kissimmee, FL
DKI Ventures began this annual conference as a way to bring together property damage restoration service providers to get the education and training opportunities they need to meet business requirements; as well as grow their revenue potential. Contractors who offer restoration services across commercial, residential and insurance clients are invited, including emergency response, water damage mitigation, fire and contents clearing, complete reconstruction and mold remediation – among others.

SteraMist™ BIT™ is also a mold remediation tool. The system is designed to kill not just bacteria but also harmful spores from mold and mildew that pose hazards to any space.

That wraps up TOMI’s January and February 2016 events preview. Stay tuned for more information on conferences and events taking place in upcoming months. Hope to see you there!

*See EPA Registration (reg# 90150-2)

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