Seats, Seats and more Seats, Is yours clean?

Seats, Seats and more Seats, Is yours clean?

Have you ever thought twice about sitting down in a seat? It’s after work and you’re tired, you have to take a long train ride home hoping that there is an empty seat for your trip. The door opens and the movie line begins to move in quickly, so you rush to get a seat.

You and your wife just landed at the airport and you take a seat on the shuttle bus, to get to your rental car for a week of fun and relaxation. You are on a plane home after a long week on the east coast, and will spend the next six hours or more in your seat. An evening out with your family to a ball game and you just sat down to enjoy your favorite sport.

These examples can go on and on, seats, seats, and more seats.

Have you ever thought twice about who sat in the seat before you or even better what is still in the seat that you can’t see? Well its about time you did because over 50 percent of all public seats are contaminated with fecal matter, and a much greater percentage with other dangerous pathogens including deadly MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

With the jump of the feared Hospital acquired MRSA (HA-MRSA) to Community acquired MRA (CA-MRSA) everyone is at risk. Good-morning America recently did a study ”Germ test shows public seats full of bacteria.” Click here for more information.

What is one to do? Why has the public not demand the routine decontamination and sterilization of all public seats? Well the answer may be because only a few people are familiar with TOMI Environmental Solutions’ revolutionary new technology, right out of Star Wars. TOMI utilizes SteraMist (BIT®), an aerosol that when spayed on a seat kills all pathogens on contact. The result is a six-log kill, that is 99.9999%, so demand that your seat be sterile instead of wasting time being worried about these issues. Ask the owners and employees of all these venues to have their seats decontaminated and sterilized. Demand a sterile seat to sit on and no more thoughts of who or what is sharing your seat with you. Call TOMI Environmental Solutions at 310-275-2255 for more information.