I Demand a Zero Infection Rate! Do You? The New Technology For HAI Elimination!

I Demand a Zero Infection Rate! Do You? The New Technology For HAI Elimination!

We all know where these HAI’s (Healthcare Associated Infections) are breeding, living and waiting to ruin the day of another defenseless patient or hospital personnel. We have many studies showing that traditional cleaning  just doesn’t cut it today. Whether it be the increase in population, the ease of traveling across continents with these bugs hitchhiking on you or just a developed resistant to antibiotics that has enabled these Superbugs to gain a choke hold on us.

A study involving commonly touched surfaces (bed rails, telephones, call buttons, toilet seats, wheelchairs and bedside tables) in patient rooms with C. Diff found that after routine cleaning, 78% of the surfaces remained contaminated with C. Diff spores.

A separate study of 49 New England hospitals found 25% of OR surfaces were overlooked by current cleaning teams.

Another study demonstrated that MRSA (Staph) lives outside of the human body for 9 months. Hepatitis C lives at least 16 hours and up to 4 days. Clostridium Difficile (C-Diff) a current major problem in today’s healthcare setting lingers and lives 70 plus days and Acinetobacter Baumannii lives up to 20 plus days.

A recent study, published in the Public Library of Science journal PLOS ONE, addresses just Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA infections associated with surgery.

“Our estimates of the financial burden of surgical site infections due to MRSA are unique,” Deverick Anderson of Duke University Medical Center and colleagues wrote.

“Surgical site infections due to MRSA led to charges in excess of $19 million for the group of study hospitals,” they added. “Surgical site infections due to MRSA led to: 7-fold increased risk of death, 35-fold increased risk of hospital readmission, and adding more than 3 weeks of additional hospitalization. Along with $60,000 of additional charges added to a hospital bill compared to uninfected controls.”

So what are we to do? We have tried hand wipes, adding additional cleaning personnel, the use of newer disinfection products and zero infection protocols but still pathogens are winning. Patients are dying at a rate of 271 people a day from healthcare associated infections.

TOMI Environmental Solutions has your answer! We are in the Hydrogen Peroxide Space, but not just for disinfection, we expect our product to leave the surface we clean completely Sterile! Hydrogen Peroxide is the new buzz word around the infection and disease control world and APIC. However, TOMI’s technology does NOT take hours to decontaminate and sterilize a room, and you don’t have to shut down the room and not occupy it for a shift. You don’t even have to evacuate the occupants next door because of excessive noise, or have to remove delicate equipment and computers because the solution you are using is made up of 30-35 percent hydrogen peroxide and may be corrosive. You have concerns that the sterility of a soft goods package has been violated and after all that, you may only get a 99.99 percent or 4 log kill, which is disinfection.

At TOMI we recommend routine usage and application of our solution on beds, bed rails, telephones, cabinets inside and out, call buttons, bedside tables, corners of rooms, toilet seats, handles, cafeteria seats, physical therapy equipment, hand rails, hallways, OR surfaces, and wheelchairs. Now you should have it, one employee and one technology. TOMI’s solution nets a zero infection rate, at least a zero infection rate from outside the body.

How do we accomplish this? TOMI’s solution uses less than a 7 percent hydrogen peroxide in an aerosol mist, that is applied to all those hard to reach and difficult to clean areas. The mist is delivered via a gun that you aim and shoot. That’s right, like a video game, but you always win. By the way it also kills on contact, leaves no residue, and is a six log kill that is 99.9999 percent. This is what healthcare should and must demand. Call TOMI Environmental Solutions at 310-275-2255 for more information.